Surgical Services


At Carmel Valley Vet, you’ll find that your pet gets an extra level of care in our surgery center. Our team includes the top doctors and registered technicians that are certified in providing anesthesia. Before surgery, a complete physical examination and pre-anesthetic laboratory testing are performed on all patients to carefully screen for any underlying medical problems. Anesthetics are specifically tailored to each pet.

We have complete monitoring capabilities for every surgical procedure. We keep a close eye on your pet’s blood pressure, core temperature, heart rate, and SPO2 while they are under anesthesia. It is also important to us that your pet remains completely comfortable during surgery. We always use blankets and heating pads and keep extras handy at all times. Rest assured that your pet is in the best hands at Carmel Valley Vet’s surgical center.

Our cutting edge laser technology ensures that your pet will feel less pain and have faster healing times than previous methods. Our laser is the most precise tool for surgery, which means our cuts are more exact than anything a scalpel could produce.