Everything your pet needs from tests, to surgery and treatment, and even acupuncture, is available to you at Carmel Valley Vet.

Emergency Services

If it’s an emergency for your pet, it’s an emergency for us. Our emergency treatment facility and staff is equipped to handle such things as foxtails stuck in uncomfortable places, snake bites, pets hit by cars, and broken bones. With digital radiology equipment, we can see within seconds what is disturbing your pet and treat it quickly.

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When it comes to diagnostics, Carmel Valley Vet sets the standard. Our ultrasound equipment is linked with world class boarded radiologists to interpret the findings, all while you wait. Our ultrasound equipment is so advanced that it not only identifies the type of cancer; but is so clear that is can help assist in recommending treatment for the cancer it finds. Now it is possible for your pet to be treated close to home without the added stress of travel. We can often do everything right here at Carmel Valley Vet, saving you time and travel while adding quality years to your pet’s life.

Since your sick pet cannot tell us what is wrong, veterinarians must sometimes supplement physical exams with  diagnostic testing. In addition to our ultrasound equipment, the hospital is equipped with a complete, sophisticated diagnostic laboratory with results often available in a few minutes. Along with heartworm testing, complete blood count, blood-chemistry panel, urinalysis and fecal examination are the most common laboratory tests performed at our hospital.

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At Carmel Valley Vet, you’ll find that your pet gets an extra level of care in our surgery center. Our team includes the top doctors and registered technicians that are certified in providing anesthesia. Our cutting edge laser technology ensures that your pet will feel less pain and have faster healing times than previous methods. Our laser is the most precise tool for surgery, which means our cuts are more exact than anything a scalpel could produce.

We have complete monitoring capabilities for every surgical procedure. We keep a close eye on your pet’s blood pressure, core temperature, heart rate, and SPO2 while they are under anesthesia. It is also important to us that your pet remains completely comfortable during surgery. We always use blankets and heating pads and keep extras handy at all times. Rest assured that your pet is in the best hands at Carmel Valley Vet’s surgical center.

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Vaccinations & Wellness

Just as with humans, being proactive about health care can avoid costly and painful diseases. Our wellness center is designed to keep your pets in optimal health, year round. This way you can identify problems and treat them early.

We have puppy and kitten packages so that your pets get all the vaccinations they need when they are young. We only buy the highest quality vaccines from the most reputable companies, as lesser vaccines are known to cause cancer. We also have geriatric packages for your older pets which need special care.

Unhealthy pets can pass along diseases to you children and family. Keep your kids safe by keeping your pets healthy. We tailor our vaccine schedules based on the individual needs and unique lifestyles of each pet. We make pet wellness easy at Carmel Valley Vet.

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Integrative Medicine

At Carmel Valley Vet, we take your pet’s quality of life seriously. That’s why we offer integrative medicine treatment options. These integrative services include acupuncture, food therapy, and even Chinese herbal medicine. If you are one of those pet owners who wants their pet to be comfortable, happy, and healthy at any age, our integrative medicine options are for you.

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