MLS Laser Testimonials

I took my 15 year old Westie Bogie to Carmel Valley Vet for Cold Laser treatment of several arthritic joints.  Immediately after the first of a series of six 15 minute treatments, Bogie was visibly improved; he held his head higher, the limp in his front right leg was less, he had been standing with his back legs too far under his body which caused poor coordination, after treatment his back legs were in a much better position, his tail which had been tucked while walking was up, he was more energetic and playful than he has been in a very long time.   Bogie and I are thrilled with this painless, quick treatment results!  The staff are fully trained on providing the Cold Laser treatment and as always, show a great deal of compassion and enthusiasm for animals AND their owners!

Valerie Zachary, RN
Senior Clinical Research Associate, (RPS) US/West
Global Clinical Trial Operations – The Americas
Merck Research Laboratories

Maxwell, my Irish setter, was having extreme pain in his left hind leg which left him unable to put any weight on it.  He was diagnosed with arthritis on his spine. He wasn’t an old dog, as he had just turned 7.  I knew about laser therapy myself having used it on a shoulder injury.  Dr. Holt had just purchased the device for the practice, and he thought this might work for Maxwell injury.  By the 3rd session, the foot was solid on the ground!!  By the 5th session, he was running, jumping, swimming in the ocean, playing with other dogs, and jumping over his favorite fence.  There are no signs of limping or pain.  This is the miracle treatment.  No drugs, it doesn’t hurt, it’s inexpensive and it has quick results. Thank you Carmel Valley Vet!

Sharon Owen